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Attacks on the Rise

For some strange reason that I am not aware of, my tiny site has come under attack recently by someone trying to use brute force login attacks. I have no idea why anyone would be inclined to do this but it is happening.

Summary of Brute Force Attacks
Two attack numbers. Yesterday was much worse.

If you are one of the attackers reading this, I would ask you to kindly stop coming after my site as there is literally nothing of value on my site. All my code is available on my GitHub so attacking this site will not grant you access to any intellectual property. Also, my hosting provider will lock out my site if it receives notice that my site is producing a lot of noise so all you will ultimately do is put my tiny site offline which should provide no real gain.

If you are one of my visitors and you are reading this, I would like you to know that my site may be performing slower than normal for the moment as my hosting company monitors and throttles my site due to the amount of traffic spikes it is presenting. I am also working with my provider to install a few other mitigation tools in the backend so you might notice my site getting updates and going into maintenance mode here and there. Everything is fine, I am just trying to mitigate as much as possible in hopes that my attacker(s) will get bored and pick another site to attack.