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Thundy’s Ren’Py Tutorials

Since I am still very new at Ren’Py and do not now very many of the techniques, I am dependent on tutorials to help me understand what to do. Thankfully, the awesome independent developer, Thundorn Games and its creator, Thundy, have created a pretty awesome tutorial series on YouTube for how to create Ren’Py Games. I am using the playlist Thundy made on the Game Developer Training channel and have already made it about 1/3 of the way through the modules. If you are interested in seeing that code, you will want to check out the Thundy_RenPy repository I am hosting on GitHub.

Ren’Py Minigames 101

Yet another tutorial that I am learning with thanks to the Udemy online learning academy (Full disclosure, I am really addicted to Udemy and have bought way too many courses because they were on sale) is the Ren’Py Minigames 101 course by Lynn Zheng. Although I have not yet started on this course, I will be doing it as soon as I finish Thundy’s course. When that is available, I will post the repository link on here.