My first official Web App!

Hello all! I have been doing some other projects for fun, including running a new Twitch channel and some YouTube stuff. However, one of the biggest successes lately has been completing the “Web Application Crash Course: Build a Web-App in a Weekend” by Jonas from JonasIO! It took me much longer than a weekend because I had to work on it in my downtime (which is quite scarce). However, after about a month and a half and lots of GitHub commits later, I successfully created my first official web app.

The training started teaching HTML5 (something that I needed a refresher on). Then, it went into CSS (something I desperately needed to learn more about). After that, I learned some basic JavaScript, which I have only used in small amounts over the years. After that, we rebuilt the application using ReactJS, which I had only heard about and had never done. Suffice it to say I learned a lot of things in a very short time, and I am eternally grateful to have the chance to learn in this course.

If you are curious about the app’s appearance, you can check it out here: ICanPlayThere-Netlify. Now, I will work on learning more HTML and CSS from my now favorite teacher, Jonas!

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