Welcome to I Can Play Dev


This is the development home of Dave. He is a man of a variety of talents though he would tell you he is master of few. This website has been in his back pocket (webaphorically speaking) for many years and various projects were stored here only to be removed shortly thereafter. So this website remained unused and derelict with scarcely even a website front page to keep the URL domain there. So now, after a few years, Dave has finally decided what to do with this site – use it to keep up to date with his attempts at writing video games!


Dave has always been interested in writing stories in various capacities. During his teens and early 20s, he and his friends were avid tabletop role player with planned gaming sessions happening multiple times a week with different game masters (GMs). Dave wrote many great games that he attempted to run on many different tabletop systems including BESM, SAW, and Sphere. But alas, as his gaming group